Flat Waxed Shoelaces


MODEL 0479C6: 
For mountain and hiking boots, but also for chucks and sports shoes, our 6 mm wide flats are ideal. Due to the certain extra surface and the noble looking natural material cotton these laces make a real impression.

All LACCICO laces are braided from 100% cotton and are therefore vegan. They contain no animal ingredients. The ends are needled with a tiny piece of PE-foil. This makes them easy to thread and the ends do not fray. Shoelaces are always subject to a certain wear. Pulling through eyelets when putting on the shoes is the moment of greatest stress. In our FAQ we have some tips for you on how to minimize wear and tear. The unavoidable abrasion of cotton laces is harmless to the environment. So by wearing LACCICO cotton laces you avoid microplastic.

Always the right laces.

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