LACCICO - Finest Waxed Laces®

LACCICO Finest Waxed Laces® is a brand specialised on waxed shoelaces. We offer round and flat waxed laces in many lengths, diameters and widths and in many fashionable colors. The laces are made of 100% cotton and they are produced in Tuscany, Italy and handselected and handfolded in and dispatched from Germany.

With waxed shoelaces from LACCICO Finest Waxed Laces® you get an accesiores with wich required accents can be set. In addition, they are also a first-rate substitute of worn out shoelaces. LACCICO - Finest Waxed Laces® are no longer "just" the shoelacees to lace up your shoes. The wide range of options such as flat or round laces, these in many widths, diameters and colors, almost all imaginable styles for different occasions and purposes of use can be maintained. Be inspired by the great variety and diversity in our waxed shoelaces. Combine e.g. the color of the laces to the color of cufflinks or pocket squares.

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