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Our waxed laces give your shoes a luxurious look.

Our laces are natural, have a top look and are easy to untie and lace.

We offer high quality waxed laces in various colours and widths.

The use of modern braiding machines ensures that each lace is perfectly braided. The even braiding, which makes them keep their shape better, is a quality feature.

Our shoelaces are made from high-quality cotton yarn and refined by waxing. This gives them extra strength and durability. They not only look good, but also last longer.

Waxed laces are interwoven with paraffin, which is known for its gliding properties. This fabric makes the fibre structure resistant to scratching and chafing. It is also water repellent.

Our Waxed Shoelaces are braided from 100% cotton and are therefore vegan. They contain no animal ingredients and are harmless to the environment. Shoelaces made of cotton significantly reduce the occurrence of microplastics.

LACCICO - Always the right laces.