Round & Flat Waxed Shoelaces

All LACCICO laces are braided from 100% cotton and are therefore vegan. They contain no animal ingredients. The ends are needled with a tiny piece of PE-foil. This makes them easy to thread and the ends do not fray. Shoelaces are always subject to a certain wear. Pulling through eyelets when putting on the shoes is the moment of greatest stress. In our FAQ we have some tips for you on how to minimize wear and tear. The unavoidable abrasion of cotton laces is harmless to the environment. So by wearing LACCICO cotton laces you avoid microplastic.

Always the right laces.

What length for how many holes?

Tips on lengths

The very short 45 cm long shoelaces are often bought for baby shoes with 1-2 holes in pairs, but also for Haferl shoes this can be the right length if they only have 1 hole in pairs. 

60 cm offer enough length for shoes with 2-3 holes. Such lacings are often found in comfort shoes for women. But also in the segment of classic shoes in Derby models with low lacing.

For low shoes with 4-5 hole pair you should buy at least 75 cm long laces.

For most classic low shoes for men, with the so-called 5-hole lacing, the 75 cm long laces are just right. At least if you have slim to normal feet. Somewhat fuller feet often need the 90 cm length.

Especially with Derby lacings, a little more length is often required, as these lacings can be opened further. If you would use too short laces here, it would lead to the fact that you would have to thread the ends of the laces through the holes every time you put on and take off your shoes.

By the way, Oxford technical terminology differentiates between shoes and Derby shoes.

Derby lacing = open lacing

Oxford lacing = Closed lacing

With classical ladies' low shoes you can in principle use the same scale, but you should take one size smaller in each case.

So rather 60 cm - 75 cm instead of 75 cm - 90 cm for the five hole lacing.

Please always keep in mind that these words are suggestions based on a certain experience, but they are not laws set in stone. Depending on the type of shoe and foot, there can be considerable deviations which can lead to incorrect purchases.

You can be sure of this if you measure the old shoelaces with a centimetre measure.

If you no longer have them, you can help yourself with a piece of string to find the right size.

From 5 holes in pairs, 90 cm can be the correct length.

As already mentioned for the 75's, it is not uncommon to ask for the 90 cm laces, especially for Derby shoes.

For shoes that go a little higher, for example, ankle-high boots that reach up to the ankles, you can often see that they do not have as many holes.

But the distance between the lacing holes, measured from the inside to the outside of the shoe, is quite big.

Even shoes with only 3 - 4 holes often need 90 cm length to use the lacing comfortably.

Especially for the length 90 cm it is difficult to give a clear recommendation regarding the number of eyelets.

More than with all other lengths it is recommended to measure the required length.

With the length of 120 cm we gradually advance to higher regions. This refers to the half-boots, also called ankle boots, whose upper reaches at least to the ankles and usually have 6 - 8 holes in pairs.

Often, from this height, eyelets and hooks are combined, so that from the fifth hole in a pair, the laces have to be placed in hooks.

By the way, it is recommended not to pull the laces towards the knees when lacing hooks, but rather to the right and left.

When you have reached the necessary strength, put the laces into the next hook. In this way wear and tear can be reduced to a minimum.

With men's ankle boots from a shaft height of approx. 15 cm you often have more than 8 hole pairs. For this it can be necessary to choose the length 150 cm.

Basically it must be mentioned that the higher the bootleg, the more it comes to strong deviations from the hole pair recommendations. Simply because, depending on how thick the legs are, the distance over the back of the foot or the calf is larger or smaller.

Also, the shoe design or style becomes more important the higher the shafts are. Mountain and hiking boots consume much more than length than classic city shoes.

You can go for sure, if you measure the old laces with a centimeter measure.

You will find this length in the category round laces with 2 mm diameter.

The laces are best suited for ladies' knee-high boots.

But of course all shoes that need this length can be laced with them.

We will refrain from mentioning a hole few numbers here. There are too many different shoes that need this length, which are partly diametrically opposed in type and design but still need the same lacing length.

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