Micro Plastic

Shoelaces, a product of daily use, are subject to natural wear.

By use in lace-up shoes when pulling and tying, but also while walking, parts of the laces "work" against each other. This means they rub more or less together. In doing so, the smallest particles are continuously released into the environment.

With our waxed laces made of pure cotton, you can be sure that no microplastics will be released into the environment.

Cotton is a natural product and it rots naturally without harming the environment.

Packing Materials

We ship your purchase as gently as possible.

Each pair is packed a small cellophane sachet. In it is a pair of laces, which is provided with a small banderole. This banderole is made of environmental paper.

Your shoelaces come together with a delivery note in a plain paper envelope. This too is made of environmental paper.

For larger quantities we use folding cartons, also made of recycled material.

Letter Delivery

Time and again, we hear from our customers how happy they are to finally find the shoelaces they want and how many ways they have gone to find the right shoelaces. No wonder that you can not find such a wide assortment as ours in stationary stores.

Save yourself a long way and save your wallet, but also nature. Let that do their postman. He runs along your house every day anyway. Simply order your waxed natural fiber laces from us and have them sent to you by letter.

Find out about shipping costs here.

We participate in the Interseroh Dual System, for a sustainable use of resources.

For the sake of the environment.