My name is Alexander and I am a shoemaker by profession and the operator of this webshop. I acquired the title of master craftsman in 1995. Since the late 80s, I have dedicated myself to the subject of shoes in a very in-depth way.

I travelled to many countries to find shoemakers. In Germany, this profession is almost extinct. After detours via Turkey and Iran, my path then led me to Italy.

Until the 2000s, I had a workshop and a showroom for custom-made shoes in Berlin. So I had a lot to do in Italy, because there is still a highly developed remnant of shoe craftsmanship and shoe industry there. I went in and out of many Italian shoe factories, shoemaker's workshops and supply companies and in some I was almost at home in my own workshop.

After this time, my field of activity has shifted more and more towards web development.

By the way, the charming lady at my side is my best friend Annette. She is an artist and church musician. With us, the church is still in the village and we help each other as much as we can.

The LACCICO idea came to us on one of our trips through Italy.

LACCICO is made up of the word LACCI and the abbreviation CO. LACCI means laces in Italian. CO is an abbreviation for Company. The lace company, in other words.

People often ask me how to pronounce LACCICO.

In phonetic transcription it is written like this: Latschiko. The double C is pronounced as tsch in Italian because it is followed by an I. The C at the end is pronounced as K because it is followed by an I. The C at the end is pronounced K because it is followed by an O. Emphasis on the first syllable.

I have the laces produced by a long-established trecchificio (weaving mill) in Tuscany. Once they arrive in Germany, I check them with an expert eye and grip, then pack them and ship them.

The laces are of a very nice OEM quality*, are braided from Italian yarns and are only sold in very small quantities. The majority is made for the shoe industry that still remains in Italy, which is basically made up of the well-known big Italian shoe brands.

We are pleased if you like the LACCICO laces.

*OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Ciao Ciao


* Incl. VAT excl. Shipping

Our philosophy

We create high quality, sustainable products with a unique look. Our diverse range is designed to meet your needs in almost every situation. From classic thin round laces to medium and wide flat laces to robust and stable all-round laces, we offer products that not only make you happy, but also benefit our planet.

Craftsmanship meets manufacture

We have perfected our craft and achieve the highest quality in waxed laces. In doing so, we always spearhead innovation and integrate holistic ways of working.

Natural beauty

The laces are made of high quality cotton and are a perfect match for your favourite shoes. LACCICO laces are the perfect choice for discerning people who value quality.



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