BEIGE Flat Waxed Shoelaces width 3 mm

Item number 0479C30069060

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Material: Waxed cord from 100% cotton

Width: 3 mm

Colour: Beige 

Origin: Italy

Content: 1 Pair

With LACCICO Finest Waxed Laces you get high quality shoelaces made in Italy. First-class workmanship, fashionable colors and the sustainable material make these shoelaces a price-performance winner.

Stand out from the everyday look of round shoelaces in classic shoes or dress shoes. You will be surprised how well it looks in your luxury Goodyear welted shoes. Attentive observers will notice. Gives Derby's, Spectators or Full brogues and even blake-stitched shoes a luxury image.

As flat shoelaces are commonly known from sneakers or outdoor footwear then our only 3mm wide flat waxed shoelaces transfer this style to classic, elegant footwear.

With a width of only 3 MM the laces of the model 0479C3 are the narrowest flat LACCICO Finest Waxed Laces.

The noble glow is obtained by polishing with horsehair brushes after the surface is compacted.

The narrow and uniform braided waxed quality cord from 100% cotton achieves maximum tear strength.

Paraffin waxing densifies the fiber structure, minimizing abrasion. In addition, the cotton fibers are protected from moisture.

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