LACCICO Classic Waxed Shoelaces Ø 2 mm round thin tear-resistant | 45-180 cm

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Brand quality

With the shoelaces from LACCICO, you get top brand quality.

Fashionable colours and the durable material make these laces a price-performance winner. Available in a wide range of colours, these very elegant laces are not only a first-class replacement for worn-out laces. They can also be used as colourful accessories in any high-quality business, elegant or suit shoe. Add a personal touch to your outfit and prove your style.

Intended use

With a diameter of 2 mm, laces of model 0482C are the most common, normal thin, waxed round laces from LACCICO. Laces with a diameter of 2 mm are particularly suitable for elegant and high-quality footwear with concealed eyelets, whether for classic and business looks or for designer shoes or casuals. The inner diameter of the eyelets should be at least 2.5-3 mm.


The very tight and even weave achieves a high tensile strength, which is supported by the waxing with technical paraffin. The waxing densifies the fibre structure and increases the sliding properties. Wear is thus greatly minimised. In addition, the cotton fibres are protected from moisture. The final polish gives the material its noble look.

Production and shipping

The cord is braided and waxed from high-quality cotton yarns and than needled and cut to length in an Italian manufactory. In Germany, each individual lace is manually checked for defects and then labelled pairwise and packaged. Shipping is from Germany.

STYLE: Very elegant, normal thin waxed round laces for business and casual looks as well as for dress shoes. Whether welted shoes or also for glued or blaked shoes.

QUALITY: Waxed cotton of the highest quality, braided into a tear-resistant cord with an even surface, finished with technical paraffin.

ADVANTAGES: Noble look, good handling, wetness protection, abrasion resistant and vegan. Contain no animal ingredients.

COLOURS: Agate grey, Old pink, Beige, Blue, Blue grey, Brown, Caramel brown, Citrus yellow, Cognac, Dark beige, Dark blue, Dark brown, Dark green, Fuchsia, Yellow, Grey, Greige, Green, Light beige, Light blue, Light brown, Light Grey, Light Green, Persimmon Green, Pebble Grey, Purple, Magenta, Medium Beige, Medium Brown, Medium Grey, Nut Brown, Olive Green, Orange, Pink, Rust Red, Red, Royal Blue, Black, Mustard Yellow, Taupe, Turquoise, Wine Red, White.

SIZES: 45cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm. Diameter 2 mm.

Item ID 539
Condition New
Age rating No age restriction
Variation ID 0482C-0033-060
Model 0482C
Manufacturer LACCICO
Manufacturing country German
Content 1 3 pack
Weight 4 g
Net weight 3 g
Dimensions 110×80×5mm
Customs tariff number 63079098
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