LIGHT TAUPE Thin Elegant Round Waxed Shoelaces Diameter 2 mm

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LACCICO Finest Waxed Laces®

LACCICO Finest Waxed Laces® shoes provide you with high-quality waxed shoelaces made in Italy.

First-class workmanship, fashionable colors and the sustainable material make these shoelaces a price-performance winner, available in more than 40 colors.

These very elegant tight waxed shoelaces from 100% cotton are not just a first-class replacement for shattered shoelaces.

They can also be used in any high-quality business shoes, elegant Dressshoes or suede shoes as a colorful accessory.

Give your outfit a personal touch and style your shoes with LACCICO Finest Waxed Laces®.


With a diameter of 2 mm, the 0482C laces are the most popular, normally thin, waxed rounds of LACCICO Finest Waxed Laces®.

Laces with a diameter of 2 mm are particularly suitable for elegant and high-quality footwear with concealed eyelets as they are usually found in classic, dress and business shoes.

The inner diameter of the eyelets should be at least 2.5-3 mm.


The very narrow and uniform braiding results in a high tear strength, which is supported by the waxing with technical paraffin.

The growth compresses the fiber structure and increases the lubricity. In addition, the cotton fibers are protected from moisture.

The final polish gives the material its noble look.

STYLE: Very elegant, normal thin waxed round shoelaces for business and leisure look as well as for dressshoes.

QUALITY: Oekotex certified, waxed cotton of the highest quality, braided to a tear resistant cord with uniform surface, refined with technical paraffin.

BENEFITS: Noble look, good handling, wet protected, abrasion resistant and vegan. Do not contain any animal ingredients.

SIZES: 45cm, 60cm, 75cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm. Diameter 2 mm.

Item ID 427
Condition New
Model 0482C
Manufacturer LACCICO
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 pair
Customs tariff number 63079098
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